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The Glock Generation 4, just like any other Glock pistol has the same time tested “Safe Action” system with a durable exterior finish, cold hammer forged barrel, combined with durability, reliability and light weight..

All the features that make Glock firearms famous.

The new Gen4 has several new features designed to satisfy the most demanding customers, even the British Army and its elite forces!

It is based on a MBS (Multiple Back Strap) frame with a reduced short frame trigger mechanism housing. The multiple back strap system allows the user to change the circumference of the grip to fit their individual hand size. The grip can be altered to suit all hand sizes by the simple fitting of backstraps (medium or large). The pistol comes standard as  a small frame then by clipping either a medium or large backstrap and securing by a single pin the grip size can be altered by up to 4mm.

The grip angle of the Glock “Safe Action” pistol is not altered by the back strap modifications. This ensures that the operator does not shoot high or low when modifying the back strap or when shooting with a different Glock pistol.

The shortest trigger reach option available with the new frame, without back straps is 2mm/0.08in less than the standard Gen3 frame. Mounting the medium back strap adds an additional 2mm/0.08in bringing it back to the original size of the Gen3 frame. Adding the large back strap, increases the Gen4 frame by 4mm/0.16in which will accommodate even the largest of hands.

This feature not only caters for operator use, but allows Police and Military authorities to cater for the differences in their operators individual hand sizes and could mitigate any possible future litigation associated with the user and size of weapon.

Another modification is the magazine catch which is reversible to accommodate left handed operators and has been enlarge for ease of operation, this and Glock’s new Rough Texture Frame (Gen4RTF) surface which is designed to enhance grip traction without being too aggressive, makes this pistol a benchmark for all other manufactures to aspire too.

For further information and to arrange a demonstration, please contact or phone Viking Arms on 01423 780 810.


Viking Arms Ltd are proud to announce that they have been awarded the MoD R9GSP Contract to supply the UK MoD with a new general service pistol and holster system.

The contract, which was signed off by Col Peter Walden from DE&S, LWPB Abby Wood, at our new Glock Training Centre last month, is to supply the the latest Glock, Generation 4, G17, 9mm pistol along with a Radar holster system and retentive lanyard.

The Glock Gen 4 G17 pistol designated L131-A1, will replace the current general service pistol, the Browning L9A1 and also the Sig 226, currently in service in theatre in Afghanistan, in early 2013. The Glock G17, Gen 4 is the latest generation of the venerated G17 pistol and through the exacting and rigorous trials demanded by the UK MoD has proved itself to be a world class beating sidearm.

Radar 1957 an Italian holster manufacturer is to manufacture the new holster.

Viking Arms will supply the new RDC holster alongside the Glock pistols in early 2013, manufactured in a high resistant polyform and supplied in Coyote Brown; the holster will offer a system to include drop leg and molle platforms along with a lanyard and magazine pouches.